flame lily


composing radical futures

Our mission is to decolonize the conversation around climate change

and foster healing relationships with our planet through the radical imagination of art

our work


We cut our teeth as musicians, policy advocates and scientific researchers. We bring our varied experience as artists and creators to create and compose short films, documentaries, and music videos from concept to shoot to score.

Education & Thought Partnership

Through workshops, speaking engagements, and lectures, we educate on the power of music in the climate movement, the impact of art on societal consciousness, and the role of storytelling in fostering empathy and driving positive action.

Creative Consulting

As storytellers, our purpose is to enable genuine, truth-seeking narratives through profound humility, curiosity, and deep listening. We build deep partnership and collaboration with nonprofits, brands, and individuals to find meaningful stories and tell them through experimental art.


Flame Lily Media is a creative team of experimental artists who weave the harmonious blend of experimental music and film composition to narrate powerful stories of our socioecological crisis.


whether you’re curious about our creative work,

or ways to collaborate, we’re here to chat.