what we do


We cut our teeth as musicians, policy advocates and scientific researchers. From concept to score to delivery, we bring our full selves as artists and creators to guide listeners and viewers on a compelling journey.


Our work has been selected for environmental film festivals, has been screened and performed live for environmental and cultural festivals, and continues to find community. As an arts production firm launched in defiance (or in response) of mainstream climate media that offers despair before solutions, and shock value before community, we bring together multiple disciplines under one roof to provide full-service creative, production and post-production content delivery. 

Creative Consulting

As storytellers, our purpose is to enable genuine, truth-seeking narratives through profound humility, curiosity, and deep listening. We are invested in deep partnership and collaboration with nonprofits, brands, and individuals to find meaningful stories and tell them through experimental art.


We work with partners and clients to brainstorm creative and experimental storytelling, narrate mission-driven ideas, and convene coalitions and communities through artistic expression. We are currently working with nonprofit organizations and universities to build creative and educational short films.

Education & Thought Partnership

Through workshops, speaking engagements, and lectures, we educate on the power of music in the climate movement, the impact of art on societal consciousness, and the role of storytelling in fostering empathy and driving positive action.

Our workshops “Canvas to Congress: Can Art Drive Climate Policy?” and “Passion to Mission: Climate & the Art of Ikigai” have engaged with undergraduate and graduate students, nonprofit & corporate leaders, and climate-focused conferences.

Why Flame Lily Media?

We invite you to work with Flame Lily Media for a transformative storytelling experience that inspires positive change. As thought leaders in our field, we prioritize collaboration to ensure authentic and inclusive narratives. With our track record of creative excellence and social responsibility, we deliver high-quality productions that resonate globally. Partner with our expert team to drive meaningful impact, ignite conversations, and advocate for a more just and compassionate world. Together, let’s create powerful content that leaves a lasting impression and drives real-world change.