about us

We are creators, artists, and advocates harnessing the power storytelling to amplify voices of socioecological justice.

Our Mission

Flame Lily Media’s mission is to decolonize the conversation around climate change and foster healing relationships with our planet through the radical imagination of art. We inspire empathy, ignite conversation, and drive positive action in pursuit of a more just and compassionate world.


We specialize in developing experimental and impactful artistic content in collaboration with other storytellers, activists, and communities as a vehicle for lasting progressive change.  



Inspired by the flame lily, a fiery flower known for its traditional medicinal roots native to southern India and Sri Lanka, Flame Lily Media seeks to embody the flower’s symbol of healing, resilience and adaptability, in sharing the stories of our earth.

Our Values

Storytelling for Impact:

We believe in the transformative power of art and storytelling, and its power to drive meaningful impact towards more reciprocal relationships, imaginative futures, and transformative climate justice.



Collaboration and Community:

We value deep collaboration and active partnership, recognizing that collective efforts are essential to effect radical change.



Education and Empowerment:

We are dedicated to empowering audiences through educational resources and thought leadership, encouraging active participation in advocating for a just future and nurturing the next generation of change makers.

meet the team

Ranjani Prabhakar

Ranjani Prabhakar, based in Washington DC, is a multifaceted personality: a musician, educator, and climate justice advocate, deeply rooted in ancestral storytelling and the healing of our collective ecology. Through her brainchild, Flame Lily Media, Ranjani amplifies decolonized ecological narratives, seamlessly intertwining her passion for the arts and storytelling with her proficiency in environmental policy and activism. As its Executive Director, she helms the creative direction, right from music to storyboard.

A first-generation Tamil American, Ranjani’s roots in the arts trace back to her formative years when she trained in South Indian Carnatic music, majoring in classical vocal. She has showcased her talents both in the U.S. and India and played a pivotal role in helping establish the inaugural Carnatic ensemble at her alma mater Emory University. Her musical skills, spanning voice, violin, and guitar, blossomed in her teen years as she ventured into songwriting. This led to her co-founding Lil Idli, an experimental pop duo exploring the essence of human responsibility in a changing climate.

Professionally, Ranjani is part of the Earthjustice policy & legislation team, focused on championing potent climate actions and grassroots expertise in Congress and the Administration. Before Earthjustice, she worked on the Mayor’s policy team at the City of Chicago, spearheading multiple clean energy and climate programs. Recognized for her contributions in public policy and the arts, she was a 2022 awardee of the US Grassroots Accelerator by the Women’s Earth Alliance. Ranjani has degrees in city planning and civil engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Deepak Gopinath

Deepak Gopinath, a classical composer and percussionist from Thrissur, Kerala, bridges music technology, robotics, and education. He is the chief orchestrator of all technical production aspects of the Flame Lily team, overseeing production capture and post-production editing and score.

Deepak began his studies in Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) before his passion for music led him to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. At Berklee, he mastered classical composition, jazz, and electronic music, studying under notable experts like Ralph Peterson Jr., Dean Anderson, Tibor Pusztai, and Dr. Richard Boulanger.

Deepak’s work with Dr. Boulanger ignited a passion for blending arts and technology. At the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, he teamed up with Dr. Gil Weinberg, significantly contributing to the development of the world’s first robotic drumming prosthetic arm. Later, at Northwestern University, he pursued a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on human-robot interactions and assistive solutions at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab with Dr. Brenna Argall. This expertise led him to joining Risk Aware Driving group at Toyota Research Institute as a researcher, focusing on projects enhancing driver safety.

In his artistic pursuits, Deepak is the music producer and percussionist for Lil Idli, a band he co-founded with his partner Ranjani. As a composer, he primarily works in the contemporary classical idiom with a focus on small-form ensembles utilizing electronic as well as acoustic modalities. His compositions have been played by ensembles such as Triple Helix Trio, Zodiac Trio, and GTLork (Georgia Tech Laptop Orchestra).